City Of God- feat.(Melanie Tierce) People & Song Lyrics

Verse 1
The stars in the heavens still cry out in song
The wonders of how they were made
The oceans and tides still dancing in time
One day their expanses will fade

Yet Your beauty O Lord never ceases
Your merciful Love never ends
Your Magnificence only increases
Forever and Ever Amen

The sun and the moon and the earth and the sky
Their movements will finally be still
The comets and cosmos will come into line
At last all their courses fulfilled

All the beauty and brightness of Heaven
Will descend like a dove on His Children
Oh We long for … the City of God

Then we’ll stand at the throne of His Splendor
And rest in the arms our Father
Oh We long for the City of God
Yes, We long for the City of God

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