Who loves you more than me? I thought that, that be plain to see
If i take the fall to make sure your free would you wait for me, could you wait for me
Would you remain living faithfully could you survive a break from me cause i couldn’t imagine another soul coming close (no) im all yours I’m all yours open doors (open doors)
If you should leave i’ll pray you return to me baby please cause
(hook) Ima hold you down like I’m suppose to eliminate the clowns you been close to and if you not around and they roast you I’ll defend your crown x2 (your crown, your crown)

I love you baby — Trust me

We from the mud & dirt we had to use sheets as curtains tired of strugglin so we made a risk remember we was nervous started from the bottom now I got you paper chasin with me introduced him to a different world we like dwayne & whitney you told me I was a good catch but I was out of your league now you mine and all these bitches got a problem with me when I meet you all you had was a trap spot and some ps when you meet me i had a job a couple college degrees mix the street smarts with my book knowledge and make a million but even when we was still broke I made him feel rich on yo bad days I was yo peace to lay and chill with now you know how i feels when you date a real chick it’s a shame what these bitches a do to nigga for money but a woman aint real if she use a nigga for money on the real you was going with clowns and if you get locked I’ll be outside waitin, holdin ya crown & thats a fact



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