Chattin’ Shit – Kari Faux Lyrics

Don’t record me!
Ay, ay, ay, ay

[Verse 1]
Chilling with your boo, she say you my biggest fan (she say you my biggest fan)
Yeah I’m still that bitch, but now I’m feeling like the man (yeah I’m feeling like the man)
All up in my business, bitch I ain’t no payroll (ain’t no payroll)
Waving at you haters like my name was Maino (Maino)
Thirsty ass bitches need to drink a Faygo
Got time on your hands you should start a talk show (start a talk show)
I don’t give no fuck, because what do they know? (huh)
Tryna peep the moves, but you know I stay low (you know I stay low)

[Chorus x4]
I let the people talk (I let ’em)
I let the people talk (I let ’em)
I let the people talk
I said I let the people talk (I let the people talk)

Self-made hoe, I had to get it out the mud (had to get it out the mud)
This for all my niggas from that 501 (from that 501)
Never clocked out bitch we always workin (always workin)
Got so much to say and yet your pockets hurtin (your pockets hurtin)
Never wanna eat me but you’re always acting
All my garments engineered so they love my fashion (love my fashion)
Heard you talkin shit so you know I’m taxin (oh)
I see you talkin shit, you a closed caption (closed caption)

[Chorus x4]

[Outro x4]
I let the people talk 

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