Charlamagne – Asher Roth Lyrics

I’m bored, I just wanna record
Hit the mod on Discord

[Spanish ?]

Damn the man safety empire
All these campfires, earthquakes and hurricanes
I blame Charlamagne

Leaky faucet water main, charter plane
Carter Wayne, Sean Vince, all the same
Gang gang, pardon me

I’m dorky, I’m horny
I’m almost forty
I’m Jordy Nelson recording escorted by Danny Elfman
Selsun Blue, had a dude who always had a crew cut
But grew it to his butt to prove he do what he wants

Suddenly concludes his shampoo don’t do nothing
Uses new found youth to abuse substance
Girlfriend’s cool, hates [?]

How to lose a guy in ten days, Kate Hudson, we love it

Watch them bake things in the oven, fuck it
Usually it be brownies, cakes and muffins
Sometimes becomes more extravagant, sugar in the cabinet
Lend it to my neighbors ’cause they never end up having it

Kaepernick should’ve had a job as quarterback, shit
He’ll complete linebackers sit and traffer it
That’s immaculate, actually think it’s more metaphor
The forces distort the sport so they can ensure

They provide the cure and the disease
Tend to believe sperm ain’t ready for the world, gotta freeze ’em
Maybe next millennium, wait until the pendulum swings
Back to when rims would spin on black Navigators 

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