Sink to the bottom drop like a stone
You were my heart now I sleep alone
Darling dear
My darling dear

Left behind like a cheap rag doll
Wallflower in the corner at the old dance hall
Left me here
You left me here

Diamond lost its shine
Wont you carry me home
Trouble on the line
Wont you carry me home

Gold band by a bottle of tears
Memories fade into dustbowl years
You’re gone
Why have you gone

I lived my life like the good book said
Promise of glory got grief instead
Carry on
How shall I carry on


Paint is peeling roof leaks
Lost my will ain’t moved in weeks
Rise above
I can’t rise above

So dig a hole in the deep dark ground
With lilies in the meadow won’t you lay me down
Next to my love
Next to my love


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