Caleb Gordon – Iced Out Lyrics

Yeah, yeah (wow eli, can you be a bit more serious?)
Ayy, 2000 EST, ayy

They say the first gon’ be last and the last gon’ be first
I’ma put in work till the day they throw me in the dirt
Say it’s going down, mayday, mayday, what you heard
Youngin’ from the burbs, but he actin’ ghetto wit the words
I will never settle, this life a game, we gon’ take it to another level
I am not the [?], I’m not the youngin, I was pushing pedals
‘Member back then, I was playing shawtys like an instrumental
Till I woke up just like Playboi Carti, had to fix my mental

Don’t believe in accidents, no, this ain’t coincidental (Ayy)
No, I’m not a pacifist, I just let my God get it
Ric Flair somethin’, uh
Man, he got the sun goin’ back, to back, to back, homie
No this ain’t no one-hitter, two-hitter, three-hitter, four
Hit a track and I start ballin’ on em like I’m Lonzo
If I don’t feel it in my spirit, then I’m gone, Adios
Every opportunity ain’t coming from the Holy Ghost
Ayy, Christ who I boast bought, even when we broke down
‘Member I ain’t know what to do, my life, bet I know now
They gon’ act cool front of them lights till them lights down
I’ma be the same me when I put the mic up and put the mic down
I don’t wanna get hype now, burden on me, it’s light now
‘Cause I’m walkin’ through a car wash, I’m clean, homie, been wiped down
Enemy tryna play games, too late, he already been wiped out
Name already written down in the Book, can’t use Wite-Out
No, can’t use Wite-Out, they tryna get me to bring the price down
I know my worth, homie, I’m puttin’ in work right now
Boy gon’ go to church, I ain’t even in the buildin’, it’s life now
I ain’t joke what I rap about, homie, you can check my lifestyle
You can check my lifestyle, you can check my lifestyle
Been [?] friend of God, gave the keys, and I brought the light down
‘Member back then, I was lost, I ain’t seen till I found the lighthouse
Heart was so froze, probably the only time I was iced out 

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