Joey Trap

You niggas talking a lot
They talking way too much, my nigga
Man, shut the f… up

Nigga, I’m a beast, so I never to strangers, major
Trap since a youngin’, niggas still rock pagers
Danger, I could cut you open with the razor
I heard you was shootin’ but you missin’, get ya aim up
Shame but see the pain
Thought we thought the same, but you ain’t us
F… the fame, f… it play the game ’til we came up
Never change, I remain the same, niggas ain’t bussin’
You is strange, shawty, actin’ like I ain’t nothin’
Do my thang in that Range, but I paint frontin’
I’ma slap niggas while I got my rings touchin’
Thought we cap, we don’t do that, boy, we ain’t bluffin’
Oh that’s facts? You ain’t talk to me, I ain’t trustin’
‘Cause you pussies be some fakеrs
Haters, I just love to stunt on all my neighbors, thеy racist
Every time I pull the Bentley racin’ in Masons
They go call the police, tryna chase us and case us
Marvelous, Margiela, robbin’, mobbin’ it, uh
Die for this, so I hope you don’t try no shit, but
Got a pistol, gotta keep a C.O.D Official
You talk too much, so I know when I’m ridin’ with you
Ahh, I keep my shit to myself
I be flexin’ too much, I be focused on my health
Pull up in that Autobot with autopilot stealth
I be on the Autobahn with Audemar and wealth
I just ate some edamame, edibles too sweet
Get ’em off me, calamari, my bitch like to eat
In the trap house, in the back ’bout hella pounds for cheap
Kill ’em all, bro, hella bodies line up in the street
Nigga, you could get defeat


CALAMARI Lyrics (1)


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