Turn my back on the sun
dance naked in the rain
been on the wrong side of love
caused my fair share of pain
I’ve twisted myself
till I lost who I was
loved good boys and bad boys
walked out just because

There ain’t no fixing
what I got missing
Sad but true
Here at rock bottom
There’s just doors with locks on em
And there ain’t no getting through
So if I have to be broken
Then let me be broken with you
Yeah if I have to be broken
I want to be broken with you

Another Sunday morning
some cheap run down motel
Sound of lovers leaving
dreams shattered all to hell
Well I’m a question not an answer
but there’s one thing you should know
I’m looking for a reason
‘cause I don’t want you to go


I know you got your scars
poor choices you want back
felt the sting real heartache brings
babe I relate to that
We’ve dug our share of holes
deep and dark and wide
But that don’t mean we gotta lay
all lonely here inside


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