How you gonna tell me that you care for me when you were never there like you said you would be When I needed you the most you up and disappeared , I opened up see I told you all my biggest fears And you leaving, best believe that shit was number one I’m sitting here in tears, while you’re out there having fun Don’t fucking tell me that you love I know it’s a lie, so when you ask what’s wrong ima say ”I’m fine.” Cause you never cared before why would you care now? I’m getting more nervous so you wanna reach out it don’t work like that, you can go and f*ck yourself you wanna lie to someone, go and lie to someone else I ain’t the one, I ain’t gonna take your shit no more You can go ahead and leave,aye, I’ll even hold the door I’m starting to realize I’ve always been your rebound chick,and everything you ever told me was bullshit So don’t come to whenever you’re feeling down, cause you’re a ghost to me as of this moment right now I was gonna say your name and then I thought about it, you don’t deserve no recognition plus it’s childish I ain’t gonna lie, I’ll always have love for you but that’s besides the point, you really broke my heart dude


Black (14) - Hip Hop (457) - Roses (6)


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