Arrest the cops that killed her
Say her name
Yes Her names Breonna Taylor
All lives, so you say
Do they really matter?
They’ll give us a grave
Before a silver platter
Watch us proclaim, black lives matter
Cause something about it makes yall madder
All the privilege you have you should known better
Where’s our reparations, y’all are all debtors
We’ve had enough of this
We are tired, tired of this racist shit
4 years to make America great again
You are by far one of the biggest hypocrites
All you have done is make us sick
Your economy has taken one of the biggest hits
Locked up now that our lives are limited
Protest across the world, we’ve had enough of this

In the middle of pandemic
Tryna get a break from it
White vs Black, can life get worse than this
John Cena, you can’t see me cause of Covid
About to go crazy, somebody call Chris
Sympathy from the president?
Hey sir, we have something you can kiss
Black people have had enough of this
Its time to defund these terrorist
Long live the king
Mamba everything
We will Pop smoke,
At any mood, we will swing
Must be 11 cause 12s after me
Keep one eye open
they’ll kill ya in your sleep
How can they get away with this
No different from the 9/11 terrorist
Taking all the lives of innocents
And expect us to pledge an allegiance

Just got off the G5
Yea they mad, yea they mad cause I am so fly
All black sweat suit with some Gucci slides
If you see Dani Leigh tell her I said HI
Afraid of me, don’t know my life
My skins not white but I will not bite
Is that my culture, I see you tryna hide
We know black is better, somebody find the lie

Got the hair corn rowed
Weave to her toes
We know how to rock them clothes
Keep 6 feet don’t stand to close
All this ice gotta young nigga cold
Y’all the rookies, we’re the pros
Santiago, where’d you get this flow
Fenty skin on the face with the natural glow
Teeth so white, they blend in with snow
Pop out with a fro
Grill real gold
Uzi, you know how this goes
Why they play like this a show
All these haters really hoes
How they get away with this
No different from the 9/11 terrorist
Taking all the lives of innocents
And expect us to pledge an allegiance

Wheres the loyalty in this country?
We looking for it now
We’ll be damn if we let this repeat,
best believe its about to go down
y’all treat us like we don’t belong here
But you brought us here
Why you hating on my skin tone
I know you like my hair
Why they loathe
Why they mad
Melanin, they wish they had
All our women, really bad
The same drip my ancestors had
My new girl call me grandad
She went black never went back
She know Im the best she’ll have
Yes the best is surely black

Black is Better, Black is Better, Black is Better, Black!

  1. Edward

    May 24, 2021 at 6:20 am

    Thank you!

  2. Carson

    July 21, 2021 at 5:11 am

    You’re awesome!

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