i know that you got aids
but baby, i still love you
got my balls on the game
yo, just like jordan’s
wass yo name? not important
i thought i’d buy you flowers
but baby, we’re not forcing
we’re running outta time
shovin’ and tossin’
i murder that pussy
now we in the coffin

f*ck that shit

i’ve been waiting all this time
i could die for this one night
this faggot nigga just wanna die
i’ve been waiting all this time
i could die for this one night
this faggot boy wanna die

well, f*ck my metallica, i should go back to africa
but i’mma enter this dick in this bitch like sandman
then we watch fargo, feeling like hot chocolate
so i say “m’brosio, nsta kubiça algo”

lhe dá, madjé

this shit so irresponsible
but our virus so positive
genitalia outta control
don’t care if you’re a boy
or if yo a girl, just give it

threesomes with a tranny
without protection
was not such a great idea


she sang to me
all the songs i wrote her
and she pulled
her thick hair out of my teeth
then she whispered
“mon chéri, je veux ta saleté
tu es celui que je déteste le plus”

oh, i don’t know why
you had to pick a gillette
you had to get rid of the carpet i adore
though i love you more

don’t use my after shave on your cunt!

i have never invaded iraq
but i’m a fan of your bush
you can take the blade down
but leave the moustache on your tush

home is where you’ll be
drown in a sea of foam


oh, i never
thought i could hate this woman so passionately
she took my baby away from me
i can’t stand your face anymore

you are not yourself around me
i wish i was your girl

if you were to make her cry
i’d crush your colon tonight
i don’t what i feel no more
but i’d rather die than give you my girl
your lesbian ass can suck on my asshole
your body so fine, so fuckable
i know i’m fucked but i just want you to know
i’d never cum, you’re detestable

you make me look so ugly
as if i wasn’t before
but surgery’s so expensive
guess i’ll have to be a boy
i fucking thought i had a chance
but never mind
it wouldn’t make a difference
i’d repulse you in any body

go soon, my love
and free your demons
i gave you something worse:
my love


girl, you know what i wanna do
yeah, it’s penetration
but we don’t have to rush
you know i’m patient
and i’ll never cheat on ya
unless she’s asian

all the years that gone by
all the fears we once had
still we won’t trust each other
nor the words that we’ve said

me faltan las palabras
para describir mi asco
mientras tanto te extraño
me masturbo en lo chubasco

esto no es lo gorrocoptero
es mi culo, cabron!

kiss me, touch me
i don’t wanna take you out to the pictures
you know i’m true
just wanna make love with you
and never call you again
to do the things we used to

so what about next saturday night?

please, oh tell me
don’t leave me hanging
girl, i’m not your friend

yo bitch
you gonna spread your ass or not?
c’mon man, where the f*ck’s that shit, man?
where’s my ass? where’s my anal, man?
i want my anal! i told you i want my anal!
where the f*ck is my anal, you bitch?
where the f*ck–?
you promised me some anal, bitch!
where the f*ck is my anal!?


mama was a bad dog
someone had to put her down
papa brought the .38
and i shot that motherfucker straight

oh yeah, boy

ma and pa could never understand
their baby boy was a white chocolate man
i feel my chin melting
family in the sun

woof! labrador
woof! bulldog
i’ll bark and lick
my own chocolate balls



unload your guns down her throat

“what has been the matter now?”
there’s a giant motherfucking mecha yoko taking over
crushing all the streets and people, operation: suicide
run, evacuate
protect all your children before it’s too late
i’m certain mother nature would like us to go
swirling on yoko’s belly screaming “oh no”
please unload your gun upon us all
hear how peaceful it gets when we’re gone

isn’t it lovely, all alone?

they’ve being doing billie, but not so stylish
i got two black dicks, that’s sixteen miles each
you mad cuz your laptop tells you i’m racist
put that on wikipedia so you can copy paste it

come here, john
take my hand
come here, john
be my man


i know you’re sad
you gave your hope away
oh, lemme hold you when i say
i love you

i won’t let you lose your colors
’cause you’re the best landscape
life ever made

oh, please
just take my hand


baby i’mma f*ck you a new hole on your fucking pool ball
humus dinner table make you smoke fags out of recycled bottles
piece a shit ass-to-mouth dimple sardine fishnet macintosh 2.0
white flag waving marxist patriarchy fucking winnie the pooh
be trippin’ on some bees and shit selling scuba diving embryonic cells
for an elephant house morgage parade shitting turds on my brand fucking new velvet shoes
no playing’ hippopotamus size dick make yo son suck a synthetic polyester pomegranate chopper
like that bike scene in terminator ii shit be legit them hoes are stock market high dare
on silver screen baboon fest quacking the flaps with a boom slap-a-dap-doo-ba-dee-fappin’
on your billion dollar mansion cum champagne on a

i just shat a lake
girl you made the fucking omelette
next time i’mma testing your eggs
next time i ain’t shitting my pants

i’ve taken this call
who da dial? the f*ck who knows?
the batteries is dying
you lying, i’m on your own
headache like cucumber
dancing samba
that boy gonna get my number
who shittin’ my pants?
i’m on a plane with dalai lama


outside the room
there’s semen-painted worms
feeding off your eyeball sockets
named after the moon
you guide me through the night
even though you’re gone
your breasts lactating

you said “you’d call me
whenever you needed to cry
i will always be right here
right by your side
to remind you the stench
won’t be left behind
i’ll corrode every nerve
’til you fucking die”

“i’d always make you cum
i didn’t need a pulse”

there’s something in the air
the way her claws move
they sink into my lungs


  1. Cassie

    July 15, 2021 at 6:18 pm

    When you realize she singing in English.

  2. Candace

    June 17, 2022 at 1:35 am

    Very romantic lyrics 🙂

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