Be still and know that I AM God
Be still and know that I AM
Be still and know that IM your refuge
Be still, be still

Therefore we won’t fear
Though the earth gives way
And the mountains fall into
The heart of the sea
Though its waters roar and foam
And the mountains quake with their surging
There’s a river whose streams
Make glad the city of God
The holy place where the Most High dwells

Har-pu ud’oo ki’ah-no-khee Elohim
Har-pu ud’oo ki’ah-no-khee
Har-pu ud’oo ki-ah-no-khee makh-seh
Har-pu ud’oo, Har-pu ud’oo

Al-ken lo-ni’ra be-hamir a-retz
Uve-mot harim belev-yamim
Yehemu yechmeru mei-mav
Yir-ashu-harim begha-avatho
Nahar pelag’av yesammechu iyr Elohim
Kadosh mishkenei Elyon

God is within her
She will not fall
God will help her
At the break of dawn
Nations are in uproar
Kingdoms fall
When He lifts His voice
The earth melts away

Elohim be’kirbah bal-timmoth,
Ya-zereha Elohim lifnot boker
Hamu goyim matu mam-la-khoth
Natan be’kolo ta’moog aretz


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