Aye Aye Yea (UHH) im fenna pull up wit da pack
yea steppa 4x nigga get back steppa 4px fenna
run wit da get track nigga talking shit so i fired on en back
Im Fenna Run Da Free Style On En Back
Nigga Tryna Play Ima Hit Em From da Back And If a
bitch tryna play ima hit ha from da back(x2)
mabe tryna pull out da tracks ima pull up wit da stick(yea)
nigga fold up nigga get down im get da stickk
nigga tell em get get round (get round nigga) my niggas
hanging round get down f*ck up da remix f*ck up a check
f*ck a bad bitch yea tell dat hoe get down nigga tryna play
hit em wit da stick ion give a f*ck ima fold wit da 9
(yea) Jump round hit da toe (yea) steppa always fenna
rhyme 10 toes fucking ona bitch yea tell dat pussy nigga get down (get down) Niggas always fucking up my lyrics nigga
tryna play wit me and ima leave em in da bleachers
Ain’t nomo playin wit da pack (you can shout out to da eisha) ain’t nomo playing wit da pack when u playing wit da pack you can get hit up lil nigga Always tryna play wit da stack tal da pussy tell da pussy get back kill going round
wit da pack (uh) all dez pussy niggas pushing packs ima pull up wit da stick if i ever tryna fold ima fold a pussy nigga like a wallet ain’t no talking when lul steppa pull when lul steppa pull up hw gone hit ya in ya knogin ain’t nomo acting hes a bad bitch getta Ain’t nomo getting it hes a bad bitch gitta no tf hes not hes a bad bitch cappa that niggas cap and he don’t under stand why ima pull up wit da 4 ima snatch ain’t nomo gettin when i tell em get back narito nigga ima pull out da tracks My niggas dabbin ona beat ( dab ona beat) Ugly ass nigga dats rats ain’t nomo looking up to flintstone nigga ain’t nomo dropping down da beat lil nigga aint nomo pushing to da pack lul nigga tell da pussy nigga get back (get back lil nigga(yea) aint nomo running back lul nigg tell da pussy get back!!! ima just pull up wit da stick 4PX when i pull up (4PX) Steppa 4px nigga tell da pussy nigga get back tell a bitch pull down ha tracks aint no nigga tryna get from da back (STEPPA NIGGA(STEPPA).


  1. Cali

    March 26, 2022 at 3:09 pm

    You are great.

  2. Cassie

    January 3, 2023 at 10:27 pm

    You’re awesome!

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