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Bad Apple Magic - Asher Roth - ENLyrics


Bad Apple Magic – Asher Roth Lyrics

Folks, I’m sure you know, unfortunately no more grow
Someone chose the lower road, broke into the home and stole
The entire operation, I was trying to explain self-reliance is the way
These guys decide to go astray
To [?]
[?] that would knock you out cold
Sour diesel took a while but it helped us freestyle
And even our indica asleep in the bread aisle
Normally I’m not mad and I would let this moment pass
But it’s bad because the fact someone took the retrohash

In a class, a couple notes I noticed from the scene at
Apparently these strains are in the hands of the police
Now make come as relief means justice will be done
But something I didn’t tell you folks when this all begun
The hash is laced with magic, it results would be tragic
If it happens to be snatched up by a soul that shouldn’t have it

Magnetic poles are formed from when you exhale to smoke
And open up a portal to an entire other world

The wrong burst of smoke [?] rather the one who’s chosen
A small explosion followed by earth’s erosion

Important that the chosen one is sure to smoke it first
So the portal that’s created brings abundance to the earth

But the officer that has it is a former bad apple in my class

After retrohash ever since he became police
He believes he’s the one that is meant to smoke the weed
Don’t believe it if you wish but certainly no gag
Until the hash has been recovered I am forced to cancel class
I know this is a drag and comes as bad news to some
But we must get the hash back before the damage has been done 

  1. Claire

    September 4, 2021 at 5:44 pm

    Lyrics I want exactly.

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