Yeah, it super classic
All of my niggas they all Around me
You should take break,
no forcing time edge.
When you speak up on my name,
It super high end.

Look at my house,
Im so very proud. I’m real  hurtless
I’m not a nigga for some deals
Under my breath
Real niggas they Bitches,
Tell them I’m  basted

Put Some Sauce
Put the lemon on it
Put some 5 eggs,
so it real Spice on it.
Nigga commute suicides,
but I’ant with it
Too much pussy  on the house.
Too much gang On it,
They Cap in it

it a gun smoke.Mmm
Super clip, isn’t my horse.Mmm
Yeah,  It a freestyle
As I’ve told, all these Rapper
I’m the narcos

It a short time
short cut
Short life

Make sure everything that you have wanted,
It in your own lines
Every time when I’m in the studio, writing lines
I always drop bars
Nigga I survive, Im the dope one
They can’t afford son

(as Ive told all these Rapper I’m the dope
They should bow down to the kid, cause it a short life
Niggas wanna smash  paris, but slow down)
They can’t afford son


  1. Tyrese

    May 18, 2021 at 9:40 am

    My Favorite Song.

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