DJ, how do you do it?
Writing songs while you’re in school and playing sports
How do you come up with your lyrics and find the time
What’s the trick?
Just tell me

Man, it just come automatic, yeah
I just let it flow
Writing lines in my room it’s automatic, yeah
Purely real life, real story in my rhymes it come automatic, yeah
I hope you understand, music’s in the fam it’s just automatic, yeah
It’s just automatic
Listen, listen
Let me go off real quick
My first verse is a guarantee
I’m a bad rapper, we can agree to disagree
No comparing me
If you don’t listen to my rhymes
I suggest that you hear me
I brag different, stay humble
Silent ‘g’ design that’s a mystery
Set a high standard
Mind my manners
The rap game is my marriage
Got many questions go unanswered
Got one chance no substandard
I feel the devil don’t bother me
Tell your demons don’t bother me
I’m hoping and praying to the fatherly (ooze)

That just came automatic (yeah)
That’s just how I do it, it’s a blessing truly is
It’s just automatic
I just let it flow
Writing lines in my room it’s automatic, yeah
I hope you understand music’s in the fam
It’s just automatic, yeah
It’s just automatic, yeah
Listen to my last verse

When I’m in the zone just let me be
Do it myself that’s my decree
Always go out by a high degree
Tell my evil side don’t bother me
Made a promise when I’m 18
I’ll be successful on the A-Team
And you got to get it on the high beam
Cuz handwork is a sightsee
To the top that’s Dom’s motto
Work now cuz it’s gone tomorrow
Never follow be a leader
Cuz your dreams are hard to follow
Never fail that’s hard to swallow
Let me calm down
I’m getting frantic, antic, I ain’t going static cuz it’s automatic (woo!)

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