Baby gimme Arizona Love
He make me to sharki alcohol
Oh Anytime I reason myself with you
Babe oya
Kpano for your love ade
Make you gimme all the love ade X2

Baby make we know know know
Baby me I never never blow blow blow
But if I blow you go know know know
Anything I give you baby oh oh oh oh oh X2

Baby say na true I dey tell you
Baby say nah Gbanga
And if I tell you I love you
Baby girl no be lie lie (oh no)
I say look into my eyes and say I no believe
Girlie dem a pass me your (pass me your)
Baby make you pass your love (pass me your)
Baby make you pass me your love (pass me your) X4

Baby nah you eeeh
Baby you get the kokoro
Anywhere you open I go go
Anywhere dem see me dem go know oh oh
Baby wey get the kokoro


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