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Amedeo Tommasi – K.A.A.N. Lyrics

I don’t wanna do too much
Just enough
Just a little bit

It’s too easy
Flow too cold, leave a bitch nigga freezing
You could put it on repeat
Run it back, study the verse to know what I’m thinking
Still tapped into the craft, I’m knee-deep
Both feet planted on the concrete nigga
Elevate the mindstate to make this shit bigger
I’m the pick of the litter and I can see the whole picture
Got a brand new scheme
No I don’t tell ’em, plotting like Ocean’s Eleven
I made it out the kennel wherе they kill ya, hell nah nigga, all dogs don’t go to Heavеn
Acrobat the chains and the cages, I’m using my internal GPS for the matrix
Red pill, blue pill I take ’em
These motherf…ers selling they souls to get famous
I can not relate to it
I can’t replicate what these niggas doing
Knockin’ down the foundation of your pedestal, I could bring ’em down to earth like Chris Rock
Ten toes to the ground like flip flops
Rollin’ up, me and the ganja liplocked
Grams in a ziplock
Flow is on swole, skill settings on tip top
30 years old, I ain’t worried ’bout a TikTok
I grew up ’round the era where niggas had to spit
Lyrical killers, they like Charles Bronson
Niggas never stand out, they could barely stand in
I can’t never fear no man standing under 5’10
You don’t f… with my pen, my friend that’s false
I don’t know where you’re from but I can tell that you’re lost
On a one-way street, nigga where is your boss?
I’m a rebel with a cause, wearing black air forces
Stomp ’em out, stomp ’em out, take his shit, sell it back, that’s a lick
Get a beat, find a key, ignore the shit, sing it back, that’s a hit
Yo soy no comprende, qué pasó, I don’t understand this shit
You barely managing
These niggas stealing like sampling
I’ll never lower my standards, damn

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