Alotta Cake Lyrics


Lotta cake, fornicate
What is this? Vertebrae
Diamond lenses, Cartier
Pockets fat, overweight
Cannabis, meditate
Overseas, outta state
Lotta speed, Rolls Royce
Lawyer fees, beat the case
Been popping shit, let the clan through
Panoramic, my bitch got a glass roof (Yeah)

[Chorus: Gunna]
We pull up with the sticks, like bamboo (Yeah)
Yeah I put my mans on, what your mans do? (Yeah)
On the low low we hit in Cancun (Yeah)
Let your hoe get the nut, she a cashew (Yeah)
No mechanic, but I got a lot of tools (Yeah)
When you come from that zoo, you know to move (Yeah)
I do shit that these niggas just can’t do (Yeah)
Get a spider, the hoodie, the pants too (Yeah)
I got Versace boxes in every room
Plain watches, RM, and the Patek too
She from Cali’, but she live in Malibu (Yeah)
Super sexy and come with an attitude (Yeah)
Yeah bitch call me daddy-o, feel like Biggie
I’m going back to Cali’-o
Condo, terrace no designer patio
Yeah come stick me, hit me with that antidote

….. Rolls Royce, politics
Poppin’ shit, Prada kicks
High fashion, got a lot of lists
Or the ceremony, all types of shit
Pull up Rolls Royce, that’s a Cullinan
Only 63, AMG Benz


  1. Sophie

    May 1, 2022 at 2:28 am

    This song has unlocked so many memories.

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