Adam Complex Lyrics

Charlotte Day Wilson

What I am not
Versus I am
Some godly sun
No, I’m just his kin
Golden he bathes
In my pale tone
What I should say
I still don’t know

I could be wrong
But I submit
That you’ll still long
For what you had
Water to fire
Sunshine to rain
God bless the child
You two could make

But, oh, what is real
Is the love
Is the love you give me
And, oh, all the doubt
Is a curse (It’s all in my head)
From the world we’re live in (It’s all in my head)
And, oh, I’ll go to the end
To the finish line with you
I’m praying I can see it through

But while I’m here
I lay in stone
Still wrapped in fear
It’s what I know
It’s what I know
Still wrapped in fear
It’s what I know


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