I’m writing this to say “farewell” in all it’s comforting
Comfort me
And to say “I’m sorry”, for never really showing you me
I should’ve said “hello”, “it’s very nice to meet you”
But I said “yes” at a time when timing meant everything
And then I messed it all up by thinking it meant nothing
I was subconsciously trying to rid myself of my past
And that sub-part of my mind still does sometimes
All this time I thought I was doing the right thing
But never thought how far I’d fallen
Sometimes I feel really good about myself and my outlook
But I’m always forgetting to look in
That is probably my biggest fault, it didn’t really matter when it started
But why should you care, you’ve never seen me anyway
Or so I say
I guess it doesn’t really matter, and I really don’t know what I’m saying
This talking makes my hands sore all this talking makes my hands so sore
I wanted to tell you that I love you
But never really found the way to show you
I think you intimidate me one side is all I’ve ever seen
“Impression” is too big of a word for me to comprehend
But so is commitment, though I always find myself saying it
Precious little stones I walk upon and get hit by every day
No, it’s you no not you
Give me the time that I demand, you’ll see, you’ll see me
Imagine that, such a strange thought from an uncomprehending head
Well, tomorrow will prove me wrong again I’m sure
Can I be less than what I have already become?
Thanks for listening, I can’t get much lower



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