It is fine by me
If that’s how you feel, that’s the way it should be
You can cry, you can sing
You can hope for something to be
I fell in the soup, who will rescue me?

Floating around with mushroom and fish – today I’m a part of the musical dish

And as the soup gets cold, you know that you are growing old
And when the giant’s done, it’s time to take your hat and run

The sparrow has fallen, the plate has been cleaned
In the eyes of a dead girl, the void can be seen – it’s fine by me
Sleep now, rest your soul, the filthy rabbit has just left the hole

Do you know you’re part of the dish?

If that’s thе way it should be, waiter – bring me onе more melody



day (44) - Pop (693) - Rock (521) - Soup (2)


  1. Marcos

    June 19, 2021 at 8:48 am

    “We are what we are looking for. He is always there and makes him known to us if we give him time. ” Thomas Merton

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