9X10 Lyrics


[Chorus: Gunna]
Pull up in the Lamb truck me and Taurus (Skrt)
Order me some lamb chops and some calamari (Calamari)
See that comin’ next month I want that RR (RR)
Fuck this bitch from Flatbush but she yellin’ ah ah (Ah Ah)
9 times out of 10 niggas knew I was gon’ win (9 times out of 10)
9 times out of 10 I was gonna get a Benz (9 times out of 10)

…..Hard to keep it lowkey (Yeah)
9 times outta’ 10 dawg, I know I’d get a rollie (Know I’d get a rollie)
[?] I’m on my [?] [?] rockin’ up on [?] (Yeah)
Got carats on my ear, it’s hard to go unnoticed (Yeah)
No rosa gold just all white got me feelin holy (All white)
He through, he had that soft white hoe
And know he stole it (Knowing that he)
That boy ain’t got his own style
My fans know he stole it (Own style)
But my bank account still loaded
You won’t [?] to [?] the [?]
Yeah that’s the homie (Yeah)
Neighborhood roller, you will never be my crodie’ (Never)
Colder than a polar (Woah), [?] a nigga the four degree
9 times out of 10 you broke ass niggas
Can’t get near me
Yo’ bitch nothing if you ask me

9 times outta’ 10 niggas knew I was gon’ win
9 times outta’ 10 I was gonna get a [?]


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