1AM in Cali Lyrics


10Fifty, I love you

Uh huh, yeah
I slide on this shit like its butter
I creep in your crib and I peep through the shutters
You caught her movin on, so you told her you love her
Just popped three percs but I need another
Scammed a nigga actin like I do covers
Blocked that nigga f… him and his mixtape
Dirty ass boy he need soap paste and tooth paste
He’s shopping at Ross that man is a cheapskate
He’s tryna f… hoes straight up off of Ebay
Spill her off the drink I feel like I’m CJ
He tryna be a rapper but now he a DJ
I’m in California posted with big smoke
He seemed to be Mos Def he could Jam no joke
BasedNas so wavy I just do a backstroke
And I need all them Franklins but I ain’t servin Coke

I don’t be skimpy I rode three vibes
Just got me some apples ain’t talkin bout pies
They hip to the game puttin on a disguise
I heard a opp was up at gay pride
She say I look sexy in a suit and a tie
You told the hoes you the plug why you lie
Brand new drip I don’t wear no hand me downs
F… what you had, what you got right now
Your bitch on my line and she want some stimulation
Juggin a red neck, What in tarnation?
Masked up like I came off of Taken
Mad that I ran it up, I know that they hatin
Callin the shots I feel like Dwane Casey
I got this money on me no debatin
Go ahead, raise my 2k rating
Buffalo Wild Wings, I came in blazing

Why you wearing drifty wife beaters?
Lookin stupid like they caught you on cheaters
Said she went to the store you believed her
But she came to see me so I could please her
But don’t get it twisted, this is no tweezer
Matter fact, its a twister
She callin me sir and mister
Now you callin her phone so you missed her
My denim seams Mike Amiri
Only talk money so I know ya’ll don’t hear me
You only talk tough on the keyboard
No I pull up with the straps and I bought a C4
She asked for a kiss, bitch I don’t mind
Fake I.D. say my name DeShawn
Them dirty ass kicks cost nowhere near mine
If I stood on my money I’d be 6’9


  1. Thomas

    March 19, 2022 at 5:54 am

    My Favorite Song.

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