You just can’t kill an angel, she said
I’ll return to earth
And I can’t see Juanita in the crowd (in the crowd)
A man is not old as long as he’s not given birth
Then come home my child, your time is out (time is out)
Since I travelled Scotland, with a glass in my hand
Changed my name to Scot, instead of TB
Several weeks later I came back
Back from mainland
A note came from Juanita to see me, me

This is not essential to the future of the world
Connecting all those roads that leads to death
The devil is a woman in despair I can’t forget
Still burning from the last time that we met
She stood there on the table, her breasts where bare and white
See me on my brightest side tonight
I picked her up swearing, that vicious little whore
But she seemed so far away, the lights went out
And she said:

Two to the left and two to the right
Wave your arms in the air like you’re ready to fly
Then bend one knee and give me a whirl
Now come on, you guys, while I’m your girl
For a little bit more I’ll be your queen
Are you ready to dance 1313



Electronic (195) - Rock (521)


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