Tvoga Srca Vrata

[Intro] [Verse 1] Redaju se slike Šetaju Miskinovom Djevojke k’o vile… Davno prošlo vrijeme, Sve ste moje bile [Verse 2] Vraćaju se dani Mirišu trešnje Kada siđem niz Kovače Pitaću te jednom: Šta ti ove pjesme znače? [Chorus] Za koga noćas Čuvaš dukat oko vrata? I da l’ još ime moje Tvoga Srca vrata otvara? […]

We work

Drivin’ in my car and the radio plays our favorite song When you’re gone Makes me think about how I miss your face so I sing along Don’t get me wrong I just wanna slow this car on down So I can turn it right around Just to get next to you But, boy, you know I got things […]

Old Town Road

[Intro] Yeah, I’m gonna take my horse to the old town road I’m gonna ride til’ I can’t no more I’m gonna take my horse to the old town road I’m gonna ride til’ I can’t no more Kio, Kio [Verse 1] I got the horses in the back Horse tack is attached Hat is […]


Intro Yeah, Yeah, Yeahhh (Repeat twice) (CHORUS) In the world so many souls chasing, these empty dreams & empty things of vanity, it’s all vanity In the world so many souls chasing, these empty dreams, Lord would guard our hearts? Cuz we need you here with us (VERSE) Yo Listen -We don’t need no affirmation […]


(feat. Marshmello) [Chorus] Baby, I’m not even in a gown I’m just in a t-shirt on the couch The way you want me makes me want you now The only thing you have to say is (Wow) [Verse 1] And I feel this way with no chemicals in my system Babe, it’s incredible When you’re […]


[Intro] No-one sees the Devil in red So said So its said [Verse 1] Eyes speckled like mosaic temples Shaman shackled but his looks travel Meddle instead of revel inside his pasty shell compel even medusa to run like a gazelle Persian robes, Egyptian codes In a broken western home Hones a masters tone Bellowing […]

Kids In ’99

[Verse 1] Thinkin’ ’bout those kids Thinkin’ ’bout those kids back in ’99 Gas leakin’ in the creek A firecracker then a spark In a moment they were [Refrain] Gone, gone Gone, gone [Verse 2] House shaken by the blast Black smoke filled the wind of the landscape Sirens crying through the streets Choppers hovering […]

Do You Feel Older?

I can’t find what I’ve been lookin’ for all this time. So unsure, of anything for myself these days. Spinning around in a loop, yeah. I don’t know, what I’m doin’ when I’m out of here. There’s no cure, for worrying my dear except for breathin’. 
Times goin’ by, oh I, hey, Oh, falling to […]

Looking For America

[Verse 1] Took a trip to San Francisco All  our friends said we would jive Didn’t  work, so I left for Fresno It was quite a scenic drive Pulled over to watch the children in the park Used  to only worry about them after dark [Chorus] I’m  still looking for my own version of America […]

Sweat Little One

Sweet Little One Sweet Little One When you first came to me With those old soul eyes I cried Sweet Little One It’s been years since then But I still remember when You tried To walk on air without your wings To give the smile that softness brings To care for me without ever saying […]