Trust and Obey

Trust and Obey Lyrics Don Moen When we walk with the Lord in the light of His Word What a glory He sheds on our way! While we do His good will, He abides with us still And with all who will trust and obey Trust and obey, for there’s no other way To be […]

Congratulations – Mac Miller

Congratulations – Mac Miller Lyrics Oh The Divine Feminine, an album by Mac Miller (The Divine Feminine) Oh Love Love, love, love, love (sex) Love, love, love, love (sex) This one don’t frown when I’m the wrong I lose my mind and I lose control I see your eyes look through my soul Don’t be […]

Leah Marlene Flowers

Leah Marlene Flowers Lyrics Where there’s a way out There’s another way in You can’t close that door with the band-aid fix It’ll run you around and back again (Again) It’ll grow you old and make you like a kid It’s a finger trap, keep you where you’re at You’ve got to lean in to […]

Yungeen Ace – It Go

Yungeen Ace – It Go Lyrics Ayy, ayy, ayy right now we turnt as fuck Ayy, them niggas high as fuck over there Man, get off that shit over there Ayy, we here Ayy We just pulled up to the show (We just pulled up to the show) Keesey asking where the hoes (Keesey asking […]

Travis Scott – MAFIA

Travis Scott – MAFIA Lyrics Custom the things, custom the wings I had to custom the vibes, custom the link up Cover the back of the lab, front cover magazine Cover your eyes, cuddle up, back of the V, yeah Our chemistry, just like the trappers and fiends (ooh) Our misery, really ain’t nothin’ to see […]

Burna Boy – Last Last

Burna Boy – Last Last Lyrics Shayo oh, nah Shayo oh, igbo-oh You go bow for the result oh Nothin’ to discuss oh ‘Cause I dey win by default And without any doubt oh Omo, me, I be adult oh I no go fit take your I no go fit take your insult oh Omo, mind […]

Hasta Los Dientes

Hasta Los Dientes Lyrics Camila Cabello, Maria Becerra Tú me gustas como no tienes idea Y saber de tu pasado me knockea Hasta dormida te imagino con ella Eso me enferma No es tu culpa lo que me haces sentir Yo estoy loca, pero loca por tí Niño hasta en mis sueños tú me haces sufrir […]

Kendrick Lamar – N95

Kendrick Lamar – N95 Lyrics 1 Hello new world, all the boys and girls I got some true stories to tell You’re back outside, but they still lied Woah-oh-oh-oh (Yeah) 2 Take off the foo-foo, take off the clout chase, take off the Wi-Fi Take off the money phone, take off the car loan, take […]